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I've been trying for some time to figure out just how to contexualize my latest carpentry/real estate project WSSP, as something more than just a money maker. Today I figured it out and this is no small part due to my early tuteledge as an artist by SF artists Howard Fried and David Ireland. Howard was my teacher at SFAI and David was my advisor out in the community. These two men with very different approaches to the art making process, led me into the land of mature artistic work. Pieces like Fried's Red Sea and All My Dirty Blue Cothes, as well as Ireland's 500 Capp St. and 65 Capp St. informed my early Missionary work, and later churches and houses. But as much as I was bewildered and impressed by Howard, it was David who would influence me throughout my career....and continues to do so.
Like I said, I've been kicking the slats of my cage trying to squeeze WSSP into the art box. It was way too much work (and fun) just to be a house flip. Then I had it. This house is for sale starting NOW! At this point I have a new 200 amp electic service, a structurally sound shell, new laid field stone foundation, old exposed clapboard, and excavated site with a spring well and soon to be engineered septic system- a beautiful blank slate, ready for updated plumbing, heating and electrical systems. The price is $100,000- today. Plus I'll hire on to do whatever you want.
Now as i continue to put my own money into WSSP it will obviously increase in price. I will continue to work throughout the winter, restoring the farmhouse, updating the systems, making them efficient and how I would want them. The 1/2 acre lot is strategically located and you cannot see another house from the property. The recently resurfaced road is quiet and there is a year round brook just across the road . If I didn't already love the spot I live, I would move there in a heartbeat.
So how is this art? Need I remind you I bought a cow, adopted a boy, started a rock band and church, got my hunting guide's license, smuggled bull sperm into Cuba, had a whorehouse and tattooed 12 people...? It will reveal itself. Have no doubt. DI always said go with your talents. For years I denied my carpentry ability had any artistic value. Work was work and art was art. I'm still trying to resolve the two. WSSP is one step closer. Thanks DI.

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As you can see by the photo below I've been otherwise occupied at WSS to do much protesting. Otherwise I'd have been in Jena, La. this week, on the bus with the Rev. Al and the rest. No Justice. No Peace. I hear ya MF. But then, after all the hubbub died down and the hoards left Dixie,, Michael Bell had to do another long weekend in jail. A juvenille court, on Friday, denied Mr. Bell bail. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But that was all I heard. No media outlet went deeper. I'm sure Amy Goodman will catch me up on Monday morning. While she's at it I hope she touches on OJ. Armed robbery? Kidnapping? And is OJ in jail? Don't think so. Hasn't the issue always been how the American justice system fucks with the black man? If Michael Bell and OJ are both black men shouldn't they be treated equally poorly? A poor kid does 10 months and counting. A rich, twisted celeb. skates. Infamy gets you a bye black or white.
Race is definitely the issue in Jena, but a wider issue across the board is money. I remember when Democracy Now broke the Jena story and you could tell immediately just how fucked these kids and their families were. The DA wouldn't even let the families in the court room as they railroaded their sons. They were the working poor, without access to decent lawyers, who could've made this all go away with some community service. Had the tables been turned the white boys would've walked. Had the tables been turned and a beaten up black kid (who incidentally walked out the hospital that day and went to a school function that evening), the perpetrators would've been portrayed as the school boys they were. Not even gross trauma would've been justification for these sentences.
I have a Cut the Juice Loose T shirt that I got back in the day and just recently started wearing again. I figured enough time had passed since the Ron Goldman and Nicole horror. OJ had layed low enough to become a sad pop culture reference. It was in bad taste- but cool bad taste. Now OJ's fucking back and slimier than ever. I can't bring myself to wear the T shirt anymore. Michael Bell is still in jail and OJ's playing golf. NO justice. NO peace.


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My old man knows all about money and interest rates and the prime and sub-prime ad, nauseum. I know very little. An early in life poor credit rating that I, over the years, worked into a non-existent credit rating, helped me to stay out of the frey. No one outside of family and a very small number of friends would bank on me. In spite of this I acquired real estate and with it- debt. Then I whittled away at that debt and acquired more real estate. Now I have a dwindling bank account, some soon to be saleable real estate in a very soft market , but hardly any debt. Car- paid. Less than three years left on house mortgage. So my question to you Mr. Greenspan- How big is it?
A solid week of AG's omnipresent Groucho big nose and glasses face and even bigger ego is leaving me with only that one question. He answered everything else. He told Jim Lehrer he could smell reefer at fifty yards and John Stewert that Andrea Mitchell really dug backdoor action, then gave that trademark perverse giggle of his. I figure the guy's gotta be hung like a circus pony. Finally the old man and I had something in common to talk about. I asked why the marklets reacted to Mr. G so? The old man said that the market was basically irrational and that most days it just layed in wait for anything to set it off. He wasn't interested in speculating on length, but said he figured the ex Fed. chair for a girth man. "Like a baby's arm." he said.
John Stewart asked why the market wasn't really "Free". and why work was penalized not rewarded? Greenspan told him that no one had figured out how to change or predict human nature and that he and his buddies were working on it. I kept trying to catch a glimpse of trouser crotch but I think he's like Elvis was with TV- no shot below the waist. In the end you can't help but like the old geezer. Maybe someday we'll share a bone. He swears up and down he was reading in the other room while his bandmates were blowing some gauge. I believe that about as much as I do that lowering the prime half a percentage point is going to have any effect on my life, or that all he does is write long hand in the bath tub. For all his confidence Alan has got to be hung.

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In other words, stuffing the puppet, playing the one man band, gassing the rabbit, shaking hands with the President, washing the beam, smelling the unicorn, punishing the baby, making fun of the seamen, cutting Sunday School, scratching the chimney, jacking the house, chopping wood, laying stone and snugging up the microlam......